The Power of Learning…The Power of GROWTH!

The Power of Learning…The Power of GROWTH!


The power of learning…the power of GROWTH!

It occurred to me recently following a coaching session with a client, the importance of investing time in yourself to learn and grow. One of the main reasons we are on this planet to grow - we learn from others, we learn from our experiences and of course we learn from our mistakes. For some people learning is easy. If they have a strong need to grow as an individual the drive is already there and it’s easy for them to choose a book to read, attend a course or watch a video.

But what if you are struggling to start learning more?

Well, I believe there’s a reason for why we do or don’t do something. If someone is struggling to get started, there could be a number of reasons. One of the main ones could be procrastination…

Here is Wikipedia’s definition of Procrastination:

“Procrastination is defined as the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished. It could be further stated as a habitual/intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite its negative consequences.”

If we are procrastinating about learning we are probably saying to ourselves “I really should learn how to…” or “I really should study more…”

The “should” in our mind-set typically does not carry a high level of importance or urgency.

So how do we break through this barrier that is holding us back?

By the changing the “should” into an absolute “must!”. For example by changing “I should learn how to improve my relationships” to “I MUST learn how to improve my relationships”.

Here are 5 steps to help you make the shift towards making it a MUST to learn and grow:

1. Where do you want to grow? - Ask yourself “In which area of my life do I need to improve?” you could also ask yourself “Which area of my life is the most painful?!” - this could be my career, my business, my health, my relationships, my finances, my spirituality and so on…

2. Go deeper? - Once you have picked the area - go deeper and find something in that area that excites you? Something really “juicy” - that if you achieved it would make you feel incredible. For example you may want to improve your finances; and if you learnt how to be financially free (so that you would never have to work again - if you did’nt want to!) you would feel amazing!

3. Clarify it, write it down and pin it up! - what is the specific RESULT you want? - Write this down clearly - including when you want it. Then write down WHY you want it - write down which empowering emotions you will feel when you master the area of your life that you want to learn about. How will this impact your life and those close to you?

For example:

RESULT? - “I want to create financial freedom for myself and my family - I want to have financial freedom in X years.”

WHY? - “I MUST achieve this so that I can have more freedom to do what I want in my life - I will be able spend more time with my family. I will be able to give more to others. I will feel incredibly happy by achieving this.”

Then pin this up on a mirror or place it on your desk so you can see it every day - this will help remind you how important this is to you.

4. Who knows how to do this? - One thing for sure is that somebody somewhere has achieved what you would like to achieve. It’s also probable that they have written a book about it. So, spend sometime researching this: Do an internet search on the result you want to achieve. Do they have a book? Do they have a web-site? or do they have a video you can watch? Do you know someone who has already achieved result? If so, go and talk to them - buy them a coffee - they’ll probably enjoy telling you about how they did it and how it made them feel.

5. Give it time and enjoy it - scheduling time daily to learn by reading a book or watching a video or listening to an audio-book is the key. The previous steps will help build your energy and excitement (if you have really focused on making this a MUST to do). If you have done this then scheduling it becomes easy - because you will WANT to do it! It will be fun and you will enjoy it.

If you start to slip back and find yourself putting off the learning then read the note you pinned up or repeat the steps.

As you master one area of your life - repeat the steps and pick the next area of your life that you would like to learn how to master.

Kev’s BLOG Tip - Love your work, Love your life:

Staying with the theme of learning, I have just finished reading a fabulous book called “FREE! Love your work, Love your life” by Chris Barez-Brown. The book helps you to step back, look at your career and the work you do and puts it into perspective within your life. It helps you to learn more and appreciate what is important to you in your life and work. In the book Chris shows you how you can love your work and life so that you can feel free. It’s a very easy book to read and you can read it start to finish or jump from one section to another.

CLICK HERE for a link to Chris’s web-site or CLICK HERE to buy it on Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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I started my career coaching journey with Kev 12 months ago. I can say with all honesty that it's been life changing! He's given me the space and guidance I needed to look at my own thoughts and actions and it's lead to me being able to manage my anxiety and find drive and ambition I didn't know existed! I'd recommend coaching with Kev to anyone!
Nia Baker
Manager, UK
The reason I decided to look for a coach was to become unstuck in my career, within one session I gained the confidence to apply for a new job and got it! I needed clarity on what I wanted in my working life which inevitably with Kev’s coaching style bumped into other areas of my life that needed fine tuning. I seemed to have a gap between the real me and the outdated story I was telling myself. With Kev’s help I was able to realise I didn’t need to be more, less, better or worse, that I was resourceful already, can use my intuition to good effect and that it was OK being me. Kev’s relaxed style made it easy for me to move forward and I left each session feeling positive. I would thoroughly recommend giving Coaching a go with Kev.
J.A. North Wales
I found Kevin an incredibly talented as a coach. From the first session I had with him, I could tell the deep knowledge and passion he has toward helping his clients. His uplifting skills and positive energy helped me to open up in many aspects of my life and business path. I enjoyed his new approach that he used in every coaching session. You will be thinking that he is done with you, then he'll surprise you about a challenge that will stretch your brain in many ways. Kevin is a coach by nature, and by many other natural traits that he demonstrates during his sessions. I would highly recommend Kevin as both a career and personal coach. In fact his broad experience in both life and business is what makes him a wonderful coach and a human being to work with.
Sairan Aqrawi
Engineer, U.S.
I was a bit sceptical when I started Business Coaching. But now I am so pleased I did! Kev managed to bring out the business skills I had forgotten I had and gave me the confidence to tackle some issues I knew I had to address but had put off. Our conversations allow me to bounce off ideas that I couldn’t digest during the normal working day and gave me food for thought. After each session I felt refreshed and ready to take on whatever was thrown at me. He has a knack of asking questions that he knows you have the answers to if you dig deep enough and encourages you to find them and to believe in yourself.
Karen Anfield
Director, 3X Software Ltd
I hired Kevin as my Business Coach while I was starting my new business and also going through a divorce. Kevin's compassionate nature and solution-focused approach helped me move forward with my business while experiencing a great deal of personal transition. Kevin allowed me to discover clarity and focus while providing me with excellent accountability through our coaching together.
Carla Kerner
Business Owner, Seattle, U.S.
Kevin was fully committed to me as his client, this projected an extraordinary positive energy in the sessions which created a trustful and empowering environment to enable me to find my path for my goals. During my journey of coaching with Kevin I was in one of those “life crash moments”, he helped me to understand who I am and what I want, which has been an extraordinary remedy to bring me peace and happiness. Thank you, Kevin!
Isabel Rodriguez
Manager, Luxembourg
During my sessions with Kevin, he was able to coach me to a much sharper focus on my issues. In a very short time I gained a deeper insight, new learning and a clear way forward. The sessions were delightfully surprising, effective and professionally delivered.
Jennifer Challenger
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer, eg+ worldwide
Over the last 6 months Kevin has worked with me as my Executive Coach, during this time he has coached me through a number of key areas. As a coach, he is very calm, knowledgeable and most importantly insightful, he has a great ability to ask the right question or use the right intervention just at the right moment. Working with Kevin has been a very reinforcing and positive experience, where he has afforded me the time and space to allow me to work through the areas I brought to each session in a creative and supportive manner. Kevin is a very natural Coach and I would highly recommend him.
Alan Cheung
Group SHE Operations and Behavioural Management Director, Costain Group plc
Being coached by Kev has given me the opportunity to unashamedly think just about myself and the future and to get clarity about my own business development without feeling time-pressured. It’s lonely at the top: I don’t have anyone to talk to about decisions affecting my businesses. No-one should be an island. I was an island before Kev. Coaching is unlocking my blocks. Having the experience of someone else who is in business and speaking through solutions has been very beneficial to me. Coming up with a list of achievable goals to deliver and knowing you need to deliver them is what I wanted out of the coach - and is what I am getting.
Shelly Barratt
Founder and Director, Coya Marketing